June 27th to July 6th

This is a great time to open yourself to new possibilities. There is potential and an immense ability to create a new world for yourself as long as you are open to it. Be aware of the aspects and energies with Uranus and Mercury; they show a highly spiritual and cerebral time. On a more mundane level, these aspects can create new ways of liberating yourself from day to day activities. This is also a great time to feel all of the emotions and changes around you, look for new areas of opportunity (Jupiter) and balance both love and finances (Venus).   During this time, it is important to establish what is needed for you by using Jupiter’s ability to open new doors in order to find what you need.

For those who are on a more spiritual path, this aspect will open up new abilities, allowing you to connect to the feminine spiritual side of self, and through the mind or the will of yourself. This is the time to create a new existence through a Jupiter/Venus Conjunction (energies are working together). They are making what is called a sextile with Mercury, and a Trine with Jupiter. The sextile is an aspect that is easy, but requires you to work for the reward. This sextile is about not just wanting the changes, but making the changes in your mental status. Since Mercury is in Gemini, it is all about balancing the masculine and feminine energies that reside within, and reducing the logical constant “monkey mind chatter” that exists. The important note here is that there is work to be done in the mind in order to receive the gifts and rewards. On the spiritual journey, part of this conjunction is the ability to watch over those who are making their new connections, and allowing themselves to become greater than what we are without guilt and punishing ourselves.

Karmically, this is a time of freedom and release. The Aspect of Jupiter trine (working well) with Uranus, is a freeing aspect of what we bring through in our lives. Since it is conjunct Venus, it is the values of self we need to acknowledge. It is important during this time to express and show the joy from the lessons learned, and create a sense of self to be comfortable in our own skin. Since we are dealing with Leo/Aquarius, it is within ourselves that we learn to balance the energies of not just the mind but the heart. We need to allow us to think with the heart logically in tandem with the mind. The other axis we are dealing with is Aries/Libra and learning to burn with beauty and grace, not consume and destroy. The Aires/Libra aspect teaches us about the ability to be one with the many and not segregate ourselves to a point in which we stand alone. We tend to fall into many past life patterns in which we lose control of what we came to learn, allowing the past to be influential, and not freeing the mind to allow us to see all perceptions. The key here is to let yourself to be, understand your needs and values, while freeing yourself of the self-limiting aspects and ideals.