2020 has brought us to the time of decision, it comes to more than an election, who is right or wrong, the possibility of more that what we have, it is about the time to decide for yourself what is the right and wrong move for humanity.   Astrology is always a personal experience helping individuals and groups navigate the energies that are present in the environment.    We have reached an apex where it is about a large movement.   The energies which are here are about a larger change that is about to unfold.

The focus is on Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn conjunct starting the new year.   This aspect is incredibly “heavy” as the two death planets are starting the year with a preverbal bang.  Pluto who represents death and rebirth, while Saturn represents structures and authority (and the termed the old death planet); inevitably leads to the discussion of a revolution on the horizon.   This strong aspect indicates this will be a year of dividing and changing the balance of power, which way that is to go has yet to be decided.   Capricorn is all about structure, ambition, growth and tradition.   Many think things should continue as they are and leave faith in the government to solve the problems, however, it is more than clear the governments interests are no longer with the people, but the people who “buy” them.    This is ALL classic Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, abuse of power, money, ambition, greed and selfishness.

Looking at the environment there are points this year in which we can help remove ourselves from the chains of bondage.   This is by opening our minds and realizing what is truly transpiring and stop fighting one another.

Jupiter will spend 95% of its time in Capricorn this year, allowing for individuals to see the power they have.   Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, ideology, fanaticism, change and opportunity.    It is about restructuring the ideas that have been forced upon us, the lies that have been told for so long that individuals begin to believe the lies.   This transit allows for individuals to do their own research and not blindly follow what has been “forced” our way for so long.    Whenever you have Capricorn involved it always wants to break it down and rebuild.   This is a time of breaking down the lies.

There are three major planetary energies in Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.   All three which will remain here till the end of the year.   “Heavy”   These planets require action in order for things to move.   Pluto has only four years left in Capricorn, so it is starting to prepare for its transit into Aquarius.   Once in Aquarius it will bring about all the change required for a new approach to humanity and what needs to be done in order for an equilibrium to be established.

The best way to describe the energies for this year is to use a simple analogy.   We are going to be renovating a home.    Saturn will represent the foundation and the supports for the house.  Jupiter will represent the way we decorate the house and finally, Pluto will be how we use the house.

To fully utilize the potential of the year one will want to build a solid foundation, ensuring that all aspects are ready.

  • Saturn
    • Funding (sustainable finances)
    • Design (the path to build and create are laid out in a fashion that is easily understood.
    • Structure (the ability to withstand the elements, the ability to support and hold its occupants, the ability to separate rooms and keep everything organized)
    • Utilities (the ability to use resources effectively)
    • Windows/Doors (ability to give and receive and one’s discretion)
  • Jupiter
    • Décor (create the environment’s energy)
    • Furniture (create a comfort)
    • Paint Colors (fostering the environment)
    • Security System (creating stability and security for a peaceful environment)
    • Future Plans (creating the environment for growth)
  • Pluto
    • Investments (do you invest or just let go)
    • Residents (who you allow in)
    • Taking Pride (taking care of the property)
    • Value (value assigned, not overvaluing)
    • Re-Sale (do you create something that will allow you to move on and grow)