Adaptive Readings $125.00  – Click Here to Book

Straightforward, yet comprehensive, these readings help an individual begin to understand self, and initiate the process of self-development.  These sessions are generally 45 minutes. There are several areas which can be explored:

  • Natal Reading*
  • Solar Return (Upcoming Year View)*
  • General Readings*
  • Pet Readings
  • Chart Balancing (Comes with a Free Astrological Essentials 2 oz Mist)

These sessions require additional preparation before the client reading. A combination of multiple charts are used in order to give an accurate and comprehensive reading. These readings are generally an hour.  Though two readings are listed below, I can tailor a session about a specific question or developmental area. If you would like to investigate more options, please contact me.

  • Job Career Adaptive

Career reading involves the pursuit of a new job. We look at the strong aspects in the personal chart for information as to what jobs are more suited to the individual. This session can also include comparing the personal chart to that of a prospective 

company, evaluating compatibilities.

  • Spiritual Development Focused

Spiritual development astrology is for those on a more enlightened path, or who desire to experience astrology from a different perspective. These readings take an in-depth look at the entire chart, including planetary influences and attributes which allow an individual to open the spiritual component of their life.  

  • Children Readings

Children’s readings can be used to aid in the understanding of the child’s nature allowing the parent to see where the challenges are in their lives and help them develop at a higher level and see what aspects enhance the child’s abilities.

  • Secondary Progressions

Understand a progression of the chart that allows you to understand what has changed overtime and how you have matured.   This reading incorporates three charts to learn more about what has changed connecting changes in life with changes in personal development.

Specialized Readings $195.00 – Click Here to Book

These types of readings are used in circumstances in which the session may be too extensive and neither an adaptive nor a standard reading apply. Specialized readings are generally used for custom situations or general compatibility charts. These

sessions are generally one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • Couples Compatibility
  • Event Planning
  • Product Launch
  • AstroCartography
  • Spiritual Development with Crystal Remedy
  • Multiple Progression Charts
  • Numerology Chart

For other types of readings that may require travel or information regarding multiple situations, please contact me directly for pricing and additional information.