Sessions are defined as any appointment or call that includes discussion regarding astrology, numerology or spiritual guidance.


All sessions must be paid for in advance, no exceptions. When a session is gifted by another individual or there is a gift certificate it must be validated and redeemed before the session will be conducted. This includes any packages or services that include any type of session, it must be paid and then validated before the session will be conducted.


Please use the scheduling link to schedule an appointment.   Appointments MUST BE scheduled to be conducted.   Sessions or discussions will only be conducted via scheduled sessions.


Sessions are for Entertainment purposes only. I hold Stephen Jarvis harmless and not responsible for any action or inaction on your part as a result of your consultation or any other service he provides. You agree to take full responsibility for your life, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I agree to these terms.

Late Policy

Late being defined as greater than five minutes.

Notification Prior to Session

  • If there are no scheduling conflicts the session could be conducted just later than originally scheduled.
  • If there is a scheduling conflict, the session could be rescheduled for another day/time.


Notification During or After Scheduled Session

  • Based upon circumstances, the session will be rescheduled


No Notification/No Show

  • Due to time and availability of sessions, in the case of a no show, the session will be forfeited.    Only under select and special circumstances will the session be rescheduled.  Since the session is a combination of prior preparation and the session itself, time is already invested to the session.



In the instance you would need to reschedule an appointment.

  • Rescheduling before 24 hours of your session, it will be easily accommodated.
  • Rescheduling within the 24 hours of your session, I will do my best to accommodate.
  • You may reschedule the appointment a maximum of two times. After the second reschedule the session will be forfeited due to assigning time slots and they are not being used.   There are no refunds at this point.



Since sessions is a combination of prior preparation and the session itself, time is already invested to the session.   There are no refunds.