What do inner desires and motivation have to do with work and restructuring?   Hmm sounds a little like Mars in Capricorn.   At a high level we look at Mars traversing through the sky as one of those cycles that makes us look inward on what we are doing and where we are going…
Mars went into Capricorn on October 27th and for those who are feeling the energies – have felt an upheaval in the way things are done.   The desire for change in the way things are structured or organized has a little more power behind it.   Keep in mind I am speaking generally – not specifically. (That requires a reading)
Right now Mars is on 11/12 around 12° Capricorn so we are not yet half way through, so my suggestion is during this time (as it may be different for each person).
Think of these ideas and ask yourself questions:
What motivates me?
Am I happy with the work I am doing?
What can I change?
What is working well for me?
Since change and restructure work so well with these two, I’d say it’s a time for making “proper” changes and taking the step to make it happen.  Mars will leave Capricorn on December 4th, so the energy of change will not leave, it will just intensify in Aquarius. 🙂