As Mars enters Leo on August 9th, it is a time to express your inner child and enjoy what life has to offer. Mars will remain in Leo until September 25th, which during this time it does a beautiful dance with Venus. Mars represents the area in our chart that gives us the desire, will and drive to achieve all that we can. Mars will be traveling through Leo; this is about reigniting all the joy and happiness we can derive from life. This is also a time of great creativity. If you have been procrastinating on writing a book, learning a new musical instrument or taking a new class; make it happen.

During this time, it is important to recognize the relationship with Venus. Since Venus will be going retrograde past Mars, then again direct, it indicates on a higher level the balance of the masculine and feminine that resides within us.   This balance must be maintained and allowed to grow in an organic manner. Since a retrograde planet gives us time to reflect and view new opportunities, it is all about how we view our inner beauty to the outside desires and demands on the world. In the planetary picture, Mars represents the ability to move forward with one’s higher will in order to achieve what they have set forth to achieve on this planet.

Mars in Leo is a great time for self-expression; it is one of those great energies that allows oneself to develop naturally, and align the will of self with the higher self. The inner child, which was referred to earlier, is the innocence and purity that all children possess before they are exposed to the harsh reality (AKA Saturn). The Aquarian ideology of freedom, humanity and friendship is what drives the inner nature of the child to be more alive. Remember that Leo’s opposite is Aquarius, and the key to any sign is to bring about a state of complete balance.

Leo is the identity of self, one’s image, and one’s true being. The opposing Aquarius is the identity of self among others and one’s greater social image while remaining an individual. When brought into balance, one can express a higher level of love that is inherent to the Leo/Aquarius axis in the chart. This love can be expressed on many levels and is not limited to just this physical reality.

The key to this Mars transit is to dig in deep, revive what is inside, express the joy and happiness it can provide externally, and share it with others. This is a time where the energies will be strong and viable for this to come naturally and harmoniously.