The year has been full of changes and we are about to end the year with the final Mercury Retrograde in Libra which begins September 17th 2015 and continues until October 09th 2015. This retrograde will bring about changes both within ourselves and externally. The sign of Libra refers to relationships and greater law. How one functions in this time will depend greatly on their prior actions and lessons (Karma), and what they have done to better their inner relationship.   This time is very important to focus on the relationships you have in your life, evaluating how they are and what they do to help you in your progress. Remember, Mercury represents how we think, speak and relate to others.

Since we are discussing a Mercury retrograde in an air sign, it is incredibly important for individuals to really reconcile their thoughts about what really makes them happy. This is a great time for people to explore the ideas and relations that extend beyond the mundane (day to day) activities. Since we are speaking Mercury in Libra, it is very important to remember how relationships affect us. When evaluating relationships, you need to start with yourself and identify how you feel about something and what your position is on the topic. The sign of Libra is synonymous the Autumnal Equinox; the time of harvest and gain. It’s time to look at what you have been investing in life regarding your higher needs and those around you. Evaluate who you desire to have in your life to help you succeed on your journey. More importantly, ask yourself if there is an equitability that goes between you and those other individuals.

During this period, learn to bring about positive changes in higher self. Take the time to work within and understand your greater needs in order to move you to the next level. As Mercury was able to go between the underworld and the heavens, it is time acknowledge that we can work from within and externally at the same time. This undertaking requires that we give up the constant need for control. Since Libra represents the higher law (while it does represent justice and balance), it is important to embrace the ideology of those who transcend what we consider the 3D world.   We are all given special gifts, tools and information so it is important to use them in a positive way while embracing the light and repelling that which does not serve us. Be sure that what and who you are working towards is serving the higher good or Creator.