Saturn is going to begin its two year journey through Sagittarius starting September 18th through December 19th 2017. This is going to be a remarkable journey because Saturn is the foundation and structure of life. Saturn requires a lot from us in that we are tested to the highest potential of self, while releasing bitterness, anger and the “tit for tat” nature. This is a precursor to the great awakening by those who are ready to accept it. Saturn in Sagittarius is a time to allow movement towards what drives our inner ideals of great personal happiness and peace. This is a time of preparation for the collective consciousness, rebuilding and reestablishing what is to come in the future.
The transit of Saturn through Sagittarius will bring about a lot of idealistic changes as society is governed by a set of laws that extend beyond that of mortal man. This is a time of reviving what is truly meant to be by the great one and connectedness. Saturn, in all capacities, rules structure, organization and authority. With every thirty year cycle of Saturn, change is brought about in areas that need to be reformulated or restructured in order to prepare for a greater time, thus changing the way things are done. Sagittarius (Jupiter) has beautiful aspects of being a visionary and seeing how we can prepare for the future. However, being present (Saturn), establishes the foundation for the future (Uranus). This aspect requires a lot of dedicated work in regards to building or initiating the future.
The fiery Sagittarius is all about questioning the norm and understanding the true nature of the system. Since Sagittarius is directly related to political ideology, religion, art and philosophy, it is very important to ensure the esoteric needs of Sagittarius are being met. This is a time of questioning what is really important about politics; does it really help our society? Does it make it better? What is the most favorable outcome? The new pope in the Roman Catholic Church has moved himself to the highest aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius. We are moving back into Saturn in Sagittarius after a short return into Scorpio in order to clean out any remaining issues we may have in our closets. It is time to get back to what is truly humanitarian and good for all. This applies to us on a personal and global level.
Karmically, this is a great time to unearth what has been covered. It is also a time for information to be disseminated and presented to the mases. With the current aspects, Congress is still trying to hide all that was once hidden, which is now in visible site. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis represents the ability to learn, adapt, apply, explore and disseminate information. What this means to us is how we learn and what we express, as we know Jupiter and Mercury have a close relationship. Mercury always tries to keep up to the highest good, while Jupiter creates a need for being quick and accurate (Gemini/Virgo). It comes into play during this time by being quick witted and applying and educating the masses (Sagittarius) at a higher level for all to understand what mistakes have been made in the past in order to prevent repeating them in the future.