June moves us into a new perspective. Throughout this month Saturn will be retrograde through Sagittarius.  During its regression, there will be key points and times that will activate personal choices and outcomes.  These choices are part of a larger picture that we are creating for 2016, and aligns us in a particular direction for 2017.  The aspect with the greatest impact during this time period is the Square (challenge) of Saturn (Karma), Neptune (Dreams, Destiny), and Athena (Strategy).

Neptune in Pisces is about removing the veil between realities, and opening up new possibilities for one to develop both spiritually and emotionally.  This is an important time for people to understand themselves at multiple levels, while embracing the true meaning of self.  Neptune causes challenges (confusing issues, not setting boundaries, and even adding a glamour) during this time.  Neptune, who can often be the obfuscator, depending on your frame of mind, will either allow for the illusions to be removed or add to the disillusion that may exist.  During this period, the goddess Athena will be in Pisces.  She will be working as the divine wisdom and light moving towards a new future.  This is an aspect of merging and creating a strategy of oneness on a larger scale.

Both Neptune and Athena will be starting the month direct, then moving to a retrograde position which will change the energetics of what you decide as your destiny.  When they move retrograde, this represents the turning points in our lives, making the changes we desire, embracing the understanding of unconditional love, and allowing us to feel unbounded to this existence.  It is a very powerful time, as Athena rules divine wisdom and strategy.  She assists in identifying and conquering the emotional blockages that exist within.  Saturn’s involvement in this cosmic picture allows for one to break down structures and create a new state of consciousness where one is aligning and prevailing with their emotional blockages.  It also brings up the past and how you are going to deal with situations in the future.

Questions to ask yourself at this time:

  • Am I allowing emotions to guide my moves and repeat past patterns?
  • How am I working to create and live the reality I dream?
  • What am I manifesting into my existence that allows me to feel completely safe and loved?
  • Where do I go when I need to remove the excess drama and baggage that weighs me down?
  • Where is my release point to allow for me to express my deeper emotions?

Affirmations to Use.

  • I allow the divine will to guide me through challenges to gain greater knowledge.
  • This is a time of understanding without judgment to enable me to seek my higher potential.
  • I have learned from the past and use this information to guide me clearly.