July starts the month with three unique aspects which allow for personal power development in an ethical way.

The ability to manifest opportunities and potential into your existence is based upon your ability to understand your personal power.   This month takes a unique perspective of the trine between Jupiter and Pluto, and the current conjunction of the Goddess Astraea and Jupiter.   This aspect opens new opportunities in your life if you are willing to step back and gain a new perspective on your reality.   Astraea is the Goddess of true sight, allowing things to be seen beyond what is just presented in the mundane.   As one of the last immortals to leave this realm, it was important for her to see things as they were, and keep the correct vision as to the way things need to be.   It helps individuals to understand their greater potential as it opens up new doors and pathways.

As mentioned last month, “Neptune in Pisces is about removing the veil between realities, and opening up new possibilities for one to develop both spiritually and emotionally.  This is an important time for people to understand themselves at multiple levels, while embracing the true meaning of self.”   The current Neptune/Saturn square is helping us to develop and move through challenges, while creating new ones.  This is a powerful motivator for some to achieve their potential

The aspects opening the month of July lead us into a greater understanding of our true potential.   It all comes from understanding the power from within (Pluto).  It is how we stand and use that power to attract all we desire.  The idea of where does it come from and how does it enhance our abilities doesn’t necessarily need to be visible.   What does need to be understood is the ability to transform (Pluto). This ability goes beyond this lifetime, and changes based upon how one sees their own personal power.  The second ability that comes with this great power is understanding the true balance of Karma and what impact it plays on what one is to learn.  The ability to manifest directly associates with these concepts as we are building in a time of great challenges, and for some terrific turmoil.  It is through these adversities, we allow for the true meaning of self to arrive, and it is to embrace the changes and understand the power it holds.

Combining the themes that have been presented astrologically, this has been a time of changing patterns, understanding the ability to grow, and now to step into the power that will allow for the changes to occur.  Understanding your abilities and how you are impacting all aspects of life will be the key to success.