Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 20

Direction.   Continuing on your path is what is designed for you this month.    Take time to refresh yourself with what your true life path is to be in this life, and ensure you are taking the right steps to achieve desired goals.  Karma is your guide this month, so pay close attention.

Taurus: Apr 21 – May 20

Cooperation.  This is a month for you to join forces with others to complete tasks. It is important that you align yourself with individuals or groups that not only appreciate your talent, but they in kind have talent to share with you to accomplish your higher goals.   Do not remain stagnant this month.

Gemini: May 21 – Jun 21

Reconsideration.   Over-analyzation, and focusing on pieces of the puzzle will cause the most problems this month.   Take this opportunity to look back over history and find what patterns have been the cause of problems, and completely detox from them which will allow for new and better patterns to be formed.  This is a great month of illumination.

Cancer: Jun 22 – Jul 22

Release.  Take time this month to begin to release your past. This is not a good time for bringing up the past to solve problems that should have been resolved years ago.   Look for opportunities to begin anew, and release karma while reinforcing the newness and childlike joy that can be felt by experiencing something for the first time.

Leo: Jul 23 – Aug 23

Purify:   This is a great month to clean up your environment, Leo.   Be sure that you have released those in your circles that are not helping you achieve your goals.  A Leo that leads needs to have individuals around them that are going to help them achieve their goals; not those that are dependent on them to help achieve someone else’s goals.

Virgo: Aug 24 – Sep 23

Expand. This month requires a completely different outlook. This is a time of opportunity and understanding.   The key to success this month is not to allow the details to be of importance, but look at the grand scheme of things opening up to the not-so-normal day to day areas in your life that drive you.   Great luck is in store for you this month Virgo.

Libra: Sep 24 – Oct 23

Balance.   There is the ability to overextend yourself, Libra.   Your giving and supporting nature has the capability to create stress for you.  This will come by letting yourself give more than you need to while not saying no.   This is a great time for you to be a little more reserved and watch quietly while not participating.   This will better help you for the upcoming months.

Scorpio: Oct 24 – Nov 22

Change.  This will be a great month of change which gives you the opportunity to stop some of the consistent patterns that lay before you.   It is important that you recognize the challenges you face daily to help yourself become more balanced and see the true meaning of what is going on in your environment.   This is not a good month to confront power struggles.

Sagittarius: Nov 23 – Dec 21

Attainment:  September moves into time of attaining the happiness you desire.   While healing wounds from last month, it is a period to bring a new outlook for Sagittarius.   This aligns with creating new thoughts and ideas of what is to be in your life, and not just pondering or dissecting it, but actually doing it.   This is not a month to sit around and wait for things to happen.   You must go out and do it; make it happen.  If you do the work you will be rewarded.

Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 20

Influential.   This month is about making well informed decisions.  This is a time of decisiveness and the momentum to move forward.  If you feel you are not moving forward this month, you must stop and evaluate what it is you really desire to have. Learn to let go of the old ideology of what you “think” will make you happy.  Understand and KNOW what does make you happy.  Be present, focused, and not in a dreamland of what “could be”; know what will be!

Aquarius: Jan 21 – Feb 19

Strategy.   This is a month of strategy, change and aligning your theme in life to what you want in your current surroundings.   Your personal power will be challenged in the upcoming month.  The solution to any problem is to patiently and calmly approach the situation, and KNOW the outcome will be what you desire.    This is part of the greater goal you want to achieve.

♓   Pisces: Feb 20 – Mar 20

Karma.  Understanding your purpose, and aligning yourself with individuals that have the same purpose or idea is crucial for success this month.   Understand your true identity and stand strong in your power. This will help you achieve what you came here to do.   It is a great period to release some of the ties to the past by understanding the lessons you are here to learn.


Moon Phases for the Month:

Notes about September Moon Cycles:  

This is a month of intensity, it is going to bring many issues to the surface in regards to your emotions and how you are dealing with them.    Since we have a Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and then a Black Moon this month is all about personal emotional power.   Be able to stand in it and not let it consume you.  

New Moon in Virgo 09/01 – Key Concepts (Solar Eclipse): Embrace individuality and understand what you are here to do.  Keep your light shining in the face of all adversity, while working through the issues that hold you back; release, detoxify and accept.

Full Moon in Pisces 09/16 – Key Concepts (Lunar Eclipse): Experience all the world has to offer, but do not get lost in the confusion of society.  This is a time of great confusion and misdirection.  Follow your heart and understand your ability to feel what is truly correct for you.  Live in the heart during this time period, and not in the head.

New Moon in Libra 09/30 – Key Concepts (Black Moon):  This is a great time of release; do not hold on to the past.   This New Moon’s energies are doubled in harnessing the ability to release oneself from relationships that only hold you back and blind you of the future.   The day before, be sure to acknowledge and release all connections to those who do not serve your cause.  Understand self, and experience complete liberation.