As the sun has moved into Virgo, a time of purification and release has begun.   This is a time to revisit the cycles you have in life, and understand how they can repeat and no longer become a pattern, but a habit.   During this transit of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in Virgo, it is a time of great release and purification.   While the Virgo Personal cycle (Sun, Mercury, Venus transits) happens around this time every year, it is important to recognize and understand what it means to have Jupiter in the mix.  This changes and heightens the energetic frequency.   These concepts include:

  • the opportunity for change
  • the ability to see beyond oneself
  • a new vision and direction in one’s life
  • understanding what you strive for within in order to achieve your higher goals
  • detoxing your life from emotional baggage
  • cleaning-up your health and diet

Jupiter is about expansion and opportunity, as well as abundance. But one needs to ask themselves if they are truly receiving opportunities in these areas they really wish to discover or understand.  The concepts mentioned above really require your attention to acknowledge what are your opportunities and how can you change them?  The steps to use this energetic configuration requires you to 1) Identify, 2) Evaluate, 3) Understand, 4) Release, and 5) Detox.  These energies will not be present, or as strong until approximately 2028.

The second part of the time period is Mercury retrograde, which can create a bit of confusion. But more significantly, this event emphasizes the importance of change and self-reflection.   Starting Aug 30th and moving forward until September 21st, Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo.   Virgonian energy revolves around a purification of self, detoxification, and learning to embrace self-acceptance.  This is a sign that welcomes criticism of others, and is highly critical of self.  Karmically, we are looking at tension release. This is not a period of re-reflection and constant evaluation, but quite the opposite; re-lease.    Relax and accept who you are, accept others as they are, as this is not about perfection, nor control.    Watch how you think about things during this time, and allow for all to come to you. Do not seek things out intensely, or constantly focus on them in order to manifest their existence.   The balance of Virgo is Pisces, so embrace fluidity and flexibility.  Remember that Karma teaches you to remain in balance, and understand the lessons learned in order to maintain or restore the cosmic balance.   At no time during this retrograde should rash, imbalanced decisions be made.