The journey through most of 2018 has been a trial of making it from one hurdle to the next.  Where does one begin and one end?  Through these challenges we have learned many karmic lessons that will be reinforced in the coming year.   Many claim that 2018 was a very tough year; it was deemed a year of astrological fire.    Many situations and events seemed to blaze in a great conflagration.

Since many feel burned out from last year, it will be a nice respite to welcome 2019, dubbed, “the waves of change”.   The year has three main astrological occurrences that will help guide us into a cleaner version of self.    When looking at the beginning of the year, we should try to attain what our vision of our reality looks like.  This will be coupled with the time we spend understanding what was false in our lives.  Using this time to reflect, evaluate where we spent the last year trying to make something perfect that was never going to be.  Now is the time to review dreams and wishes for the future.   During the prior year, in the midst of the growth pain, we didn’t see the solace that existed beyond our discomfort.  This short-sighted vision, which we will call a dirty lens, is smudged with the debris of other’s opinions and beliefs. The lens must be wiped clean, only to bring the challenge of seeing the empowerment that was perceived as lost.   However, it is not about what was lost, but more of what was gained.   This illusion must be dispelled.

Looking within our hearts and understanding our purpose is not merely just passing time or filling a role.  It’s about realization and allowing new doors to open which can create opportunities and new potential.  Do not allow the past or the dogma of others to stop your growth or prevent you from attaining your goals.   Jupiter will be going retrograde in Sagittarius and this cosmic influence is offering us the time for self-reflection to look at where were have been “brain-washed”.  This is to help us unlearn what was “taught” so as to move us out of a fugue state.   Specifically, this is a time to question those who consume power from around us and asking what it is we truly want for ourselves and society.   How am I going to make larger changes if I do not start with myself? Remember, the power lies within self to make changes, and those changes will ripple out in large waves for 2019.  It is this momentum that will move us closer to the bigger changes that are to come in 2020.  Society is what we make of it.  Each person shares a voice in the chorus and it is time to find a group that accepts you for the talent you possess which allows you to sing gleefully!

Through change comes struggle, and for this we look to Saturn in Capricorn.   Saturn in his sign of Capricorn is a time of breaking patterns and releasing control of those who feel they “deserve” our respect without attaining it.   It allows us to open our heart and soul to accept what has been brought forth into our presence.  When one speaks of the soul, it is a matter of Karma; a lesson in which we learn “why we experience what we do”.   Think of this in terms of renovating a house.  There are grand ideas of to what is to be accomplished to meet the end goal.  As the work begins the time spent in planning can be extremely beneficial to the overall project.  There can be unexpected events during the renovation that can take hold and create discomfort or discord, thus requiring re-direction and correcting one issue before beginning the next stage.   This time of renovation isn’t meant to destroy the metaphorical house, but repair and acknowledge the unique aspects it has within, as within yourself.

Understanding the emotions that drive us to react and create new paths are the motivating force of the final phase. We will see that our greatest success comes from our passions.  These passions will drive us to the success we desire to see. 

The last part of the year will be changing the direction in which our lives will develop.   It is important during this time to heal as many wounds as possible and allow for yourself to be reborn in a way that will be more empowering.   This last phase is about stepping into the power that was lost from 2018.   2019 culminates in the acquisition of self-reclamation, self-revitalization and taking back your power.

Power is a common word that is casually thrown around, but what does it mean?  Though its meaning can be understood as the ability to control someone or something or an energy source to make life a bit easier, for self-development, its true meaning is the ability to transform from one version to the next.  Be the preverbal phoenix; burn completely down (2018) and come out like a blazing beauty (2019).   This year is to transform what was lost in to what can be, or, what can be created.    It doesn’t mean all wounds are healed or all issues are resolved.  It does, however, give back the power that was lost in order to gain a greater perspective.   The confluence of water can be a dangerous storm at sea or a beautiful babbling brook moving gracefully down the side of a mountain.   Be mindful of this year as emotions can take you in any direction.