Bring in the year with a fresh wave of change! 2019 is a year of water with the goal of learning to ebb and flow with the tides. Do not fight the wave but ride it.  Think of a surfer taking to the wave, creating enjoyment and excitement from the natural power of the water.  This year’s focus is to understand the emotional turmoil that exists and how to cope with it.    We will start with the first Mercury Retrograde of Pisces; this is all about dispelling the illusions that have existed from the past.  Keep in mind that 2018 was a year of fire, thus burning and making ready for the upcoming cleansing. So, dispelling and cleaning would be the next logical next steps.

Socially, there has been a lot of disruption as to what is the truth.  Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, is all about illusion and confusion.   Retrogrades give us perspective into a different facet of the planet.  Mercury is about communication, information and thought which allows us to change this perspective.  This retrograde can bring up areas of our lives in which we had been led us astray, thus creating a new path for us to follow.   On March 5th at approximately 1:15PM the experience will begin to change.

How will this manifest for individuals?  Review what has been transpiring over the last three months, and what has come into your primary view that has focus.

  • How has or have these issues been a source of tension?
  • What can be done to help alleviate this tension?
  • Do you have to solve the problem now or can you plan for a better time?
  • What can you do to ride the wave and see what the future must hold?
  • How can you change the way you are thinking about the issue?

Not everything is clear when the issue is presented; thus, Mercury in Pisces.  We begin by evaluating and changing perspective to accommodate a greater resolution while fostering a solution.  When we have this solution or semi-solution, we can create steps to allow us to stay afloat and not sink.     This new-found information will offer an opportunity for one to dispel the fiction that has plagued the mind.   The growth of this time period will stem from the ability to understand your greater purpose and cause.   This is a time where we can get lost and in turn lose all perspective.  The opposite must occur, especially when knowing the path isn’t clear and the diversions are only meant to throw us off course.   Stay true, stay strong and keep riding the wave as there are two more to come this year.    Make it one that just carries you forward and not one that drowns you in the illusion.