The ‘waters’ have been rocky over the past few months.  As the momentum continues, we will see all that is transpiring will help create a new karmic outcome.  As individuals, we are here to develop ourselves based upon our environment.   The basics of psychology teach us we cannot change others, but we must look within ourselves for the change.

Through the basic concept of karma, we learn our lessons in life; our path, what we are here to do, what we are here to experience and make changes within ourselves.   Astrology is the study of the planets and how we interact with them.  As each pass throughout our lives we learn a different lesson and create our own paths.

We have begun April with two retrogrades that are making a great impact.   Saturn and Jupiter go retrograde every year, but the reason this one is so special is that they are in their respective rulership’s.   Jupiter, our planet of expansion, ideals and growth is in the sign Sagittarius, dealing with growth, ideals and creativity, while Saturn is in its sign of Capricorn.

We must break down the meanings of each to understand the complexities of this time.  Jupiter is our door opener, allowing us to see within ourselves and our deeper beliefs.   We evaluate what we hold dear to us and what drives us forward in our life to expand our consciousness; one doesn’t need to be on a spiritual path to make this connection.   This is all about self-realization and acknowledging that each of us is doing the best we can every day.  What we judge ourselves by are societal standards that have been ‘established’.  These “societal standards” are what we are going to call Sagittarius.   It is the false perception of our reality, or unrealistic expectations.   We need to focus on the creative will that helps us achieve our goals.  There are multiple questions that must be asked of yourself.

  • What is the main goal?
  • Am I here to change the world and bring about a revolution?
  • Am I here to experience what desperation is like?
  • Am I supposed to stand by and watch the injustice?
  • How does the current environment impact me?
  • What am I willing to tolerate?

We are all special individuals with the ability to create a single consciousness, but the beliefs of many are what stop this, based on race, sociality economic status, or even gender.   So, we use this time to bring clarity.

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is to make you question, MORE THAN EVER.  What is my role in all of this?  How do I expand my mind?  What do I want to believe?

Now, we add in the Saturn Component, Saturn our planet of Karma, Fear, restricting, and restructuring.   Here is where we need to break down the walls we have built up around ourselves.   Many know it is easier to live in a place of fear, defined as the “not-knowing”.   This fear stops us from trying new things as many question….

  • What if I cannot do it?
  • I don’t have experience in that area?
  • I don’t have the money; how can I make it?
  • Why should I even try?
  • I am too scared to take the leap, what if I fail?
  • I don’t have the structure to support me.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is the prefect time to re-evaluate all the structures in your life.  Have you put yourself in a prison of your own making?   Are you creating karma that didn’t exist, trying to resolve something that doesn’t need resolving?

Capricorn is structured and methodical in the progress we make.   Entrepreneurial, successful and ambitious are great words to describe a Capricorn.  The converse is true, defensive, adversarial, and resistant can describe the same behaviors.   It’s about being resolve to the challenges and beneficial aspects.

The time has come to revitalize your life and release the karmic aspects that you have created.   Karma is universal and is made and resolved daily.  Each action we take makes a reaction.   As stated, each action has an equal and opposite reaction.   Physics and Karma have a lot in common.  What we set in motion remains in motion unless we change it.  Use this time is to bring about he change we seek in our lives.

  • If we stand still, nothing will change.
  • If we are paralyzed in fear, we will be unable to move.
  • If we don’t value ourselves, how can we possibly value another?
  • If we don’t build a foundation, how can we ever have a home?
  • If we don’t believe we will succeed, we never will.

Melding this time together will only allow us to come together and gain greater understanding.  Most importantly, it provides us with a new perspective into our karmic living.   If our ideals match our fears, we will only live in a box never able to get free.  If we believe we are more than the sum of our parts, our machine will create an unlimited potential.    This time is a variable playground for growth, acceptance and understanding.   Learn from yourself and create and build a new world.