Opportunity Periods for Self-Development this year:

February 17 through March 9th is our first opportunity to remove the illusion that has been portrayed for so long, it is only through seeing we are all one and that one’s suffering will affect us all in the long run.   This is a time to not delude oneself with the idea that “I have what I need I am okay, who cares about the rest” as everyone at one point many need assistance.

May 13th through June 24 evaluate those who are in your life, this is a time of great understanding of yourself, a time of empowerment and change from within.   Restore the balance that has been missing within and allow it to help overcome any obstacles that are being presented.    The value in which you place on objects are irrelevant, it is about the value you hold within that allows you to attract and achieve more than one could possibly imagine.

June 18 through July 11, this period is all about living from a soul-centered existence, having great compassion for those who are trapped in an environment in which they cannot control.   It is extremely important to not fuel any hatred or anger, allowing yourself to feel that we are all one and by isolating any individual during this time can only be a determent to the long-term success we all need.    Open your heart and your home to those who are pure in their need, not ones that would use you for your generosity.

September 9th through November 13, what the direction in which you are moving.   Ensure that your path is clearly defined, and you are comfortable in the area where you live.   Stability is of absolute importance at this time, challenges in which you will face will bring about many new changes and opportunities for growth.   The challenge here is to not allow yourself to act irrationally but methodically forward.

October 14 through November 2, this is a time of healing and working towards a higher sense of law.   This time is about changing the balance of power within yourself, allowing yourself to understand there are more powerful forces at work.    Do not allow yourself to just fall in line but live with integrity, share and speak your truth and help others understand.  Allow for acceptance of others and understanding, not persecution and judgement.