For a limited time from May 13 to June 25, Venus will begin its dance of beauty and poise in the sign of Gemini; or to put in more formally, Venus will be going retrograde.  This is a time of whimsy, creativity and possibly chaos for those who have not prepared.    What could this aspect possibly mean?

Venus in transit represents the deeper desires we hold within ourselves.    On a smaller level, this astrological occurrence allows us to manifest what we desire to have in our lives.   If there is a feeling of lack of fulfillment in our relationships, home or our jobs, retrogrades always offer a perspective change and reevaluation of our needs.   Sometimes it is as simple as valuing what we already have.  A plain and straightforward approach to understanding the energies at this time will bestow more benevolence than one could possibly imagine.

The symbol for Venus is a circle, which represents the circle of life and the power to create.   The cross at the bottom is the cross of matter, allowing for our minds to align with the body while stabilizing us in the physical reality.   Recognizing this symbolism gives us the power to manifest even stronger.

Venus is going retrograde in Gemini.     The traditional ruler of Venus is Taurus/Libra.   Venus in Gemini is a soul purposed ruler.   It is the strength to unite the warring factions internally and externally.     This time promotes a strong position to strengthen our ability to transcend the human ego, establish our internal power & values and harmonize our thoughts with our heart to create a new outcome.

On a deeper level, Gemini represents the balance of masculine and feminine energies that reside within us.  While this transit is moving, it is a great time to reconnect and create a wholeness or oneness with these energies.    Simply put, harmonize and balance our thoughts in a non-egocentric manner.  Gemini represents the mind and its ability to understand and react.  Therefore, we must understand our deeper value and power, so we can then create a motivation and goal that can be an unstoppable momentum.   Personal development in times of crisis is always the best way to see and understand where our weaknesses reside.   There are many complicated and convoluted external factors that are distractions which make it difficult for us to focus on our true calling and purpose in life.

We as individuals must represent our true selves and not allow distractions to take us off our true path.  When we are left alone and only have ourselves, what is left is the sole individual.  When we are left alone and run out of options, we the individual must persevere and rebalance the karma we have set out to resolve (or learn).

Take the time and acknowledge what you have, stop trying to think you need more than you do.   Venus represents our needs, our values, and our power.    When you align the energies and understand that lack or disappointment is only a fallacy, abundance is right around the corner.

The foreseeable opportunity during this celestial retrograde is to no longer harbor feelings or desires for what we lack, instead take time and ACKNOWLEDGE what we do have and the true abundance that exists.

When in the fallacy mode, the needs we manifest are superficial and do not have any deeper value.   Therefore, we are never satiated and always looking for more…