Jupiter started its journey into the unknown (into Pisces) on 13 May 2021.   This is a time about exploration, whether it is the exploration of self, a venture into the unknown, a simple vacation or an imaginary journey.    When evaluating the planet on its cycle, one needs to understand the nature of the planet and its expressions, specifically, when one is dealing with Jupiter.   Jupiter represents expansion, ideology, expression, art, creativity, literary works, or anything to do with a creative aspect in understanding the bigger picture.   This is also why religion, philosophy and universal law fall under the Jupiterian category.   There are three times in a Jupiter cycle (~12 years) that have great importance on the outcome of the ideological thoughts of society:   Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces.

  • Cancer (Last: 2013-2014, Next: 2025-2026) The thought tends to be the well-being of society and how it is nurtured.   This is also a time of questioning; are all needs, and securities being met?    It has a strong emotional consideration allowing for the individual to understand their deeper purpose; why am I here, why is this experience happening, how am I being true to my inner emotional nature.  It connects the physical nature with the soul.
  • Sagittarius (Last: 2018-2019, Next: 2030-2031) Addressing the ideology of a society.   How does one think, react and engage in society?   How are individuals able to express their higher needs (religion/philosophy) or essentially the need to be noticed.   This is also a test of wills; are your beliefs and convictions strong enough to withstand a test?   Looking at this represents character, identity, and all things that need to be fostered during this time.
  • Pisces (Last: 2010-2011, Now: 2021-2022, Next: 2033-2034) is about addressing spiritual desires and consciousness, where one attains a deeper understanding of self.

The Journey into the Unknown is more of a concept as to describe what is transpiring for individuals right now.    As Pluto remains steadfast in Capricorn, it is breaking down all structures, foundations, organizations, AND self, in order to be reborn.   But what of this re-birth, what does it mean and how does it manifest?   Part of it comes from understanding the deeper nature of both Pluto and Capricorn.    Through regeneration and exaltation does one truly understand their greater nature.  It is through this nature the individual sees the culmination of their power and growth.   Power is not what is bestowed upon the individual, but what is ascertained through dedication and self-work.   Thus, this must be something that one has accomplished, not imagined they accomplished (also very Jupiter in Pisces).    This is a task of lifetimes, culminating to a point where a convergence occurs allowing the individual to make the choice.

This choice allows for the individual to see beyond themselves and access hidden knowledge.  This knowledge may or may not have been locked away for lifetimes.  Finally, the access to understanding that which is beyond normal comprehension, will allow for the manifestation of the dream to become reality.   This is a time for great growth for those who are unafraid of the unknown.   It brings joy, expansion, creativity as it is not defined.   Allowing for the feeling to be expressed before the thought allows for a multitude of opportunities to be presented.

Suzie is unhappy with her current job and FEELS like it is just not right anymore.   She changes the perspective and FEELS a new job that will fulfill her, and within a few weeks “stumbles” upon a job that is right up her alley.    She follows the FEELING and has brought forth that which she desires; A new job with amazing co-workers and acknowledgment she has been looking to receive.

The time for implementing change is now; allow for all that one desires to become manifest.   Create the vision, experience the vision and bring it into your reality.   Jupiter in Pisces offers and sustains helpful energy to create.   Conversely, the effect may have an opposite depending on the perspective of the individual.  If one is a contracting state, seeing that all is going wrong, things just seem so confusing and difficult.   Jupiter by His nature is an expander and will bring forth more of what is being felt as He does not discern what is good for one or bad for another.   IE:  Free Will Choices/Not External Involvement

This journey is about self-development, finding where one resides, how they create, what they create, and what their purpose is here.  It will bring forth and manifest as the individual sees fit.

The cycle will take on three stages, one of which we are in and ready to leave.   Remember, timing is everything.    Use this as a guide, not a rule book.

Preparation, Acknowledgment, Basic Understanding (Prepping the Sling Shot Effect)
Direct • 13 MAY 21 – (Retro • 21 JUN 21) Direct • 28 JUL 21 •  0° – 2° – 0°

Full Application of testing ones Convictions, Experiences that are Beyond Explanation, Self-Understanding “Beyond this World”, Making Your Dreams Come True.
Direct • Dec 29, 2021 – Direct • May 10, 2022 • 0°  – 29°

Closure, Embracing the New Reality, Life has Become a Dream for you (not a nightmare), All that one dreamed possible… is possible.
Direct • 28 OCT 22 – Direct • 20 DEC 22 • 29°

Much of this sounds like a fairy tale or a creative story one reads in a book, but many any have already started this and understand the creative power.   For those who doubt, remember that each person writes their own story; why can it not be a fairy tale with a happy ending?   YOU are the author of your story, your legacy, your future, embrace the inner talents, express them with joy and abundance and create while Jupiter is in Pisces.