The fall equinox falls on Mercury-Day (Wednesday), September 22 at 3:22 PM.

The new paradigm is about to begin with four divine ones leading the way:  Athena, Ceres, Juno, and Venus.    These goddesses have a strong contribution to the evolution of the individual through their chart.    Athena teaches us the power of wisdom, perseverance, and conviction.   Ceres, the Mother Goddess of the Earth, teaches that we need to be in cycle with Earth and its benevolence, only to take what you need.   Juno, the highest of the Goddesses, teaches the ability to embrace the power of emotion, and the constitution that is associated with strong and hard decisions that must be made.   Venus, the goddess that helps us see what is needed to grow, teaches the ability to see the power that lies within, and reveals ultimate beauty is that of the evolved self in its growth; No longer toiling in the insignificance of the material.

The aspects leading up to, and during the Fall Equinox in 2021, will have significant repercussions in the months to follow.    This is an opportunity to bring certain choices to a head.  What has been chosen will be tested, allowing for the individual to either stay true to their convictions or fall into past patterns of what one might deem as failure and despair.

Perception is going to be key during the upcoming months.  There are going to be many changes in the way people are communicating and expressing themselves.   The big aspect that is driving all of this is a T-Square (one opposition and two squares) that create a stress point.  Juno in Sagittarius will be in opposition to Ceres in Gemini.   While both Juno and Ceres are creating a square with Athena in Pisces, the opposition of Juno and Ceres are at odds in regards to the power being distributed among the masses.   The ability for the knowledge to be shared is the power, but whether the individuals are ready to hear such messages is what creates conflict or struggle.    The Goddesses are willing to share their divine knowledge, but it must come with a sacrifice.   The sacrifice will allow the individual to trust in the divine for all to become manifest.  This is not a time for seeking, but a time for leading, empowering and growing.  2021 and change are synonymous, regardless of beliefs.  This is the year of change, and it is NOT stopping, nor will it.   This is the true mid-point of the year, showing how the scales are being tipped.  Where are your beliefs? Do you stand behind your convictions?  Are you willing to be true to yourself in the face of adversity?   Here, in these questions lies the opposition at play.    The two squares (Ceres and Juno) challenge Athena (the warrior goddess, one of complete brilliance and strategy).  Thus, building the stress point of the T-Square which creates the opportunity to drive change (for those who have not already made decisions).   This point will force many into a direction.    It is through a convergence of the ego and soul, will the individual see the truth in the matter.

Those who are still challenged are asking:

  • Where am I going and what am I doing?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Why do I seem to be repeating the same story?
  • Why am I involved in unnecessary drama?

Those who are evolved are asking:

  • What is my next phase and how am I of service (to myself/others)?
  • Where do I want to go? (This is not one of indecision, but of so many opportunities)

There is never a moment to say it is too late for me; there is only a point where one gives up.   This is not the time nor the place.   Through the evolution of self, there comes an inspiring moment when the power is recognized. This personal power is NOT GIVEN and has always been there through the dark of day and light of night (a new perspective and not a purposeful mix of words).   This evolution is the next phase of the story.   What is to be, is for those who are of the power of the divine, to step up, take control and allow for all that is to be, to be; Graciousness, Love, Compassion, and Creation are all in the mix.

For one to see joy, they must just look inside.   Regardless of the harshness of reality, the experiences that have brought you to this point, is the juncture that creates the next phase of existence.   The divine is here, and it is in me and you.   Co-create with the Goddesses; Athena, the warrior goddess at our side; Ceres, the great mother who nourishes us; Juno, who stands strong with us in our emotional convictions, while Venus enables us to use harmonious language to come together.  Remember that we are one.