As Jupiter begins to travel into Virgo, it brings to light more about what is going on in the word in regards to health, diet and sustainability. Virgo is known for its Mercurial aspects of health, quick mind and analysis. Virgo also represents a sense of purification of self. This will be important, as Jupiter represents the “door opener”, or the enlightening of oneself. During this time, it will be important to heal yourself through what you do. Your actions and thoughts have a lot to do with your health and how your body works; not just at a physical level but emotionally and spiritually too.

Jupiter represents the area in our chart where we can go beyond our daily lives. Jupiter (Zeus in Grecian Mythology) has many tales of exploration and creative exploits. Jupiter represents the areas in our lives where we take control and bestow gifts to others, while being open to receive them. The benefic planet loves to give, but bear in mind the gift you receive needs to be pure or it will want to be returned tenfold as Jupiter can represent cognitive dissonance. Jupiter is leaving Leo, the demonstration sign, and moving into Virgo, the sign of Service. It is time to review what has happened in the past year with Jupiter in Leo. The ability to give from the heart and understand who we want to be in life was the key thought. Many Sun sign Leo’s experienced a complete redefinition of self-expression at a higher level.

Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 12th 2015, and will have great implications for everyone. Virgo represents areas related to health, service and purification. An important aspect to watch during this time is legislation regarding food labeling, dietary changes, and how large companies that do not produce clean, natural foods & products may be challenged. This is a time of enlightenment in regards to what we put in and on our bodies. Since Virgo represents purification, it is the purification of self and where we are to lead ourselves that will allow us to be of service to the world. One cannot be of service in the simplest sense if sick or unhealthy. Jupiter will remain in Virgo until September of 2016.

During this transit, it is a great time for a spiritual release of things that do not serve you. As previously mentioned, Virgo is of service, while Jupiter allows for new opportunities. It’s easy to conclude that if something is not serving you mentally, spiritually or physically it is time for it to be released. The challenge, at this time, is not to be single minded. It is well known that once Jupiter (Zeus) had an idea in his head or was focused on a conquest, he would not relent. During this purification period, be sure that new opportunities do not to exacerbate existing areas that do not serve you.

Virgo energy is associated with the Moon, Vesta and Ceres; these bodies exemplify great compassion and dedication. Virgo essentially can be seen as a sterile sign and is matter of fact about things (Mercury). Mercury is technically neither male nor female, but adapts to the planets and/or signs around it, and gives a whole new perspective to thought and how one can elevate themselves (Jupiter).

I have assigned Jupiter the status of an Interpersonal planet. What this represents to us is the skill to use our greatest abilities in order to enhance our growth during this time. It allows for the connection of the Divine through what we have learned in our past lives (Saturn), but can rise above it. In Mythology, individuals who feared their loss of power, Uranus (Ouranos) who ate his children and Saturn (Cronos) who also ate his children, showed clear counter intuitive actions. The devouring of one’s children represents removing the cause by irrational means, versus showing the correct compassion and power in order to achieve a larger goal. The challenge Jupiter (Zeus) needed to learn was not to fall into patterns of the past, but to enlighten oneself to the higher cause of what is to be. Jupiter (Zeus) wasn’t afraid of being dethroned because he knew of his power; this is true for all of us. During this time of purification and self-enlightenment (Jupiter in Virgo), do not allow the need for power to drive you. Know that your power is derived from within through the release of what is unhealthy and unwanted.

(C) Stephen Jarvis Astrology 2015