Saturn (our structures) and Neptune (our dreams) are working to create a time of bringing our dreams to physical form.   Starting now, intensifying mid-November and culminating the end of 2015, Saturn and Neptune are working to help you bring into existence all that you want to manifest. Saturn in Sagittarius has brought a lot of great energy with it, allowing for great ideals to be brought to the attention of individuals who desire to change their life. Many people during this time are finding discontent and wanting to change past patterns. The rose coloured glasses seem to be losing their tint and enabling the truth to be seen. This being clear by the Neptune in Pisces energy, it has brought many into their spiritual abilities.

The balance of anything in life is ultimately decided by the investment of yourself. Through this time, many individuals are going to experience and go through changes and challenges that are going to test their limits. Faith (Neptune) is what needs to be implemented in order to create a sense of unity and wholeness. This allows for one to not to be pulled with the undercurrent of life and to sweep them away. During the culmination of this time in November, which interestingly is around Thanksgiving, it is a moment to remember our heritage and our past (Saturn), but also focusing, embracing and moving forward in a positive direction (Sagittarius). This is not a time to allow for the past to consume and drag us into a downward spiral. Many can see this separation in individuals.

The creation of a new life is established through building a proper foundation and that is what Saturn is here to do, implement a new foundation for future success. (Great example of Saturn in Sagittarius.)   Through this time each individual needs to look at what is going on in their life and evaluate if they have created a sustainable reach for themselves while considering others.   It is time to start building a community and enhancing what each has to offer on every level creating the whole.

The Karmic implication of this angle is to reach deep within self and allow forgiveness to be seen on all levels. We are reaching further and further into a greater spiritual awakening. This awakening requires that we do not allow patterns of the past to constantly haunt us and prevent us from becoming something greater. Remember, Saturn can establish structure, but can also create structures that inhibit us from leaving. Think of it as building a basement with no stairs to go to the main level. While you have a great foundation, you have trapped yourself within one area. If the goal is to understand one’s life path and learn all the lessons Saturn has to teach this round, one must build stairs and at each step learn a new lesson before going to the next level. This is a high energy and time of patterns. The cautionary tale is to ensure you are not falling into the same patterns and just hitting the repeat button.

The key during this time is to identify what you want in life and make it happen. Evaluate what brings you joy and a sense of satisfaction. When you are focusing your attention on the matters that are important to you, ensure you are keeping a broad perspective. This is not a time of self-scrutiny but a time of accepting and co-creating. Keep your mind focused and your heart open. You will manifest what you need in a time that is ready to bring you closer to your universal family.