Saturn will be making its way through a retrograde during March 25th through August 12th. It is in this time that the introspective nature of self needs to occur; a time for understanding the higher ideals and allowing the energy to flow seamlessly through you, and not be a derailing aspect.   Things are going to feel more intense, as fears and restrictions can be intensified through what is transpiring in the world (and in one’s life).

Remember that reality is perceived by the individual. Take this time and think in a new revitalized way, without allowing segmentation to split yourself and create a strong dichotomy; but to bring alignment.   The key to this entire year and the next is complete alignment of self.

Since Saturn is in Sagittarius, remember the symbol for Sagittarius ˆ is an arrow pointing up, with the idea to allow for things to flourish, and for one to make higher decisions based on FACTS, not heresy.   During this time one will be able to experience the greatness that allows for us to exist on this three dimensional plane, but it will involve a fair amount of work.

This transition that will occur will involve several aspects that will create considerable opportunities.   The first will be Saturn Squaring Neptune.   A Square can create friction, and it is through this friction that action/outcomes occur.   This particular square is establishing (and creating) momentum in identifying all aspects and current positions in one’s life.   Since Neptune is in the mix, it creates a level of confusion, distraction and obfuscation. It is now that a point of clarity and balance must be achieved; a starting point, so to speak. As mentioned, Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius will bring about a lot of changes in structure and ideals. More importantly, it is to allow oneself to transition to a new level of consciousness.   Keep in mind, since we are speaking of transits, this is a global occurrence, not just a local or personal experience. While many are feeling it on a personal level, it has larger implications.

To create this beautiful cosmic picture, Neptune in Pisces allows for manifestation to occur from the spiritual or higher realms, and for the ability to make it tangible (this is the inherit benefit and challenge of Neptune in Pisces – think of a conjunction). While Saturn is bringing structure to the mix, this allows for manifestation to occur at a physical level.   This is an incredible opportunity period for those who are willing to step up to the challenge and release fears of control, power struggles, and false ideas that are being portrayed to the population to create dissent.   Individuals ARE in control of life. It becomes the responsibility of the individual to allow for what is desired to be brought to them.

Keep in mind this is a Square, and it’s going to challenge and force new changes for better or for worse.

Keys to moving forward – identifying what is needed on the journey and playing to the hand; one that is best equipped to play.

The Second major aspect that allows for great fulfillment is a Saturn Square Jupiter. Saturn Squaring Jupiter seems in its nature, a conflict of interest. Saturn can restrict, while Jupiter expands, so it can appear that there will be nothing gained. However, it’s precisely the opposite. It is about identifying the structures that need to be stopped, and creating new ones that will replace what was allowed for growth to occur on many levels.   On a personal level, it is allowing for the manifestation that was discussed earlier to be seen in a different light; creating perspective and opportunity, which brings success.   If one allows the fear and restrictions to occur, it will bring about the opposite of perspective and opportunity; it will bring about a very hard look at reality and why it is not working. This is why this time is going to be a period of the greatest opportunity for change.

Finally, combined with the Saturn/Neptune Square, this is going to create a lot of opportunity for those who take it.   This third aspect is a strong “T-Square” onto Saturn.   When a concentration of energies creates tension, it can be very volatile. While this is occurring, it can produce great success, but it may also produce the opposite if not properly maintained.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition is a great pressure on Saturn to react, while pushing expansion without direction of growth.   It is why self-understanding is paramount during this time in order to understand fact from fiction.   Saturn is going to create regardless of the energy; it becomes the intention and direction as to how to build and manifest. When one knows their strengths, limitations, fears and accomplishments, this allows for the greater self to emerge, and release (if allowed) unhealthy karmic connections and associations.