November moves us into a new paradigm of thinking, not only with the issues revolving around the election, but more significantly, with what ideals are important to us.   This is a time of empowerment for what we believe, where we need to heal and how we can help.    There are a lot of unscrupulous issues that are revolving around our daily lives that constantly are bombarding us, and are used as a distraction to achieve personal empowering goals.

On November 10, Mars will move into Aquarius.  The approximate two-and-a-half-year cycle of Mars reminds us that we must maintain direction and focus.   However, it is not a time of losing one’s temper or getting distracted from the higher calling that has brought us here.   The sign of Aquarius represents the positive aspects of community, humanitarianism, social engagements, and helping organizations that serve a greater cause, spiritual purification, release of dogmatic ideas and behaviors.   The Mars transition into Aquarius reminds us to stay true to our cause and fight for what is right; this is not a time of subservience or capitulation.   The desire to achieve your purpose has been presented. You just need to know what actions must be maintained to bring your desires to fruition.

Remember, Aquarius is the sign of the Future and WE are in control of that future.   As the collective, we can combine forces to overcome any obstacle TOGETHER.   Mars in Aquarius is a time of banding TOGETHER, and moves us towards the true purified meaning of humanity as one.

The power of the Full Moon on November 14 in Taurus is going to require that you assess the stability and security you need during this time.   Allow for the attraction of a Full Moon in Taurus to bring you what you need, not what you want. This is a time to understand your needs versus your wants.   This energy, combined with the energy of Mars in Aquarius, is about attracting others to your tribe in order to build and grow a sustainable and self-sufficient community.

There are challenges this month which could resurface past personal issues. These matters could deflect or disable your forward momentum of personal growth.  Since we are in the sign of Scorpio, it is an opportunity for transformation, and allows for the departure and arrival of new areas and events in our lives.    Every year, at this time, allow yourself to evaluate what you want to attract.  Have a clear mindset of how you can heal, transform and take control of your power.    This personal power and alignment will not only help you achieve more, it also works with others to achieve a larger impact.

The month closes out with a New Moon on the 29th in Sagittarius.    This is a time of new visions, new horizons, and to explore the greater self, while testing your limitations.   The healing and transformation that is felt can culminate into a new vision of yourself.  Let the natural alignment of self become apparent. Bring forth new aspects of self you never dreamed possible.