Mars will be making a journey over the next few months from Sagittarius, to Retrograde Sagittarius, to Retrograde Scorpio, to Scorpio Direct then back to Sagittarius.   To keep it simple, this is a time of Re-illumination.

Mars went into Sagittarius on March 7th, and in Mars’ typical two year cycle he creates new pathways from the past. Through the normal cycle, and when we hit the Sagittarius, it defines a new direction ensuring we are always moving. This is a great time to understand your divine will in regards to how you are serving the greater good.  Sagittarius is all about education and informing individuals, albeit at times it can be a little radical in its expression.  Sagittarius combines its energy with Mars; our ability to move forward. It creates a new vision and direction.

This summer, Mars will be going retrograde on April 17th.  During this time, it allows for the momentum to slow and become more intense in its desire for change.  Keep in mind that Mars is associated with the signs Aries & Scorpio. This deals with leadership, and the ability to lead and control power that is bestowed, not “deserved”.   Through our passions and dedication to understand self, those who can be called upon for the higher cause, will be needed to lead others and help them achieve the balance of power in their lives.

During this retrograde, there will be a lot of action required of individuals.  It is not a time to sit and let things come to you; it’s time you go and get what you desire.  This is a powerful retrograde and it is interacting with the Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius.

“…with the idea to allow for things to flourish, and for one to make higher decisions based upon FACTS, not heresy. During this time one will be able to experience the greatness that allows us to exist on this three-dimensional plane, but it will involve a fair amount of work.”

Mars is representative of our divine will and drive.  During this time, let your creativity spark, and ensure expressions are true and bold.  Be who you want to be.  Create, expand, express, and lead yourself on the trail to your higher purpose.  It is time to reveal and accept yourself. Do not allow a false concept of self to cloud who you really are.