May is a month of retrogrades; Mercury, Jupiter (for a week), Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and the Goddess Juno.   This is a turning point in society as well in our own lives.  It is a time to link the mind with the will and desire to create, while breaking down structures.  This can be as simple as looking at patterns that we bring forth from our parents in the past, to our partners today.  We need to contemplate on the things we do in our lives that we “truly” think are beneficial but end up being detrimental.  The illusion of idealism, and what we can bring into our lives, makes this a time to stand up for what we believe in, and work towards a cause that is more humanitarian than what it can reward us in the short term. It is a great time of revolution, expansions and awareness of the greater environment, and how we all play a part.

Karmically, this is an opportunity to revisit all that we own; not just materially, but emotionally (Juno in Scorpio), mentally (Mercury in Taurus) and spiritually (Jupiter in Virgo).  The values that we inherit from those we love when we are younger tend to be how we move forward in this world to not only change what wasn’t fair or right, but to improve upon it.  Many will see that they embody what they have always tried to escape. It is a time of acceptance; not segregation, separation or detachment.

The values and worth must be restructured, and for those who feel they are in a good place it is best to surround yourself with everything you desire.  Those who are challenged by what they need, will have to reevaluate what it is they are attracting to them.  Pluto in Capricorn does break up the structures in life, but it also creates a generation that is going to bring to them what they desire through their suffering.   Pluto is a very powerful motivator (magnetic). It relates to how you establish structures and fulfill needs; vinegar or honey?  How do we exist within our relationships? Do we co-create them or are they more imbalanced?

It is time to reclaim power, and balance the heightened emotions that challenge all of us during these times.  The Goddess Juno represents emotion, and the spiritual sense of power. These attributes are gained through self-knowledge, experience and that ability to “size-up” a situation before moving forward.  Lady Juno brings the energy of solitude, while creating a sense of oneness.  Power is not given; it is bestowed.  We also gain knowledge to share in our relationships, both intimate and friendships.

Remaining in balance shows togetherness, and understanding of how we all fit as pieces in a larger puzzle. Many may run away at the idea of so many planetary retrogrades, or even get the impression it is a challenging time, be clear that retrogrades are only a matter of perspective.  Each person is responsible for their perspective, and how they choose to use the knowledge they have.