August is a month of great strategy and alignment. This allows for the greater aspects of renewal to come into being.   The main aspect, which really impacts the month, is Mars moving into Sagittarius, and its conjunction with Saturn. While this only lasts a day or so, it has a prodigious impact as to what will define the greater calling for individuals this month.   It is about setting the boundaries that need to be protected for long term growth.   Saturn and Mars are both heavy masculine planets which radiate a lot of energy in the areas of assertion and segregation.   If this energy gets out of control, one could find themselves in a very lonely and difficult situation; be cautious of quick, rash moves.   To help the balance, feminine energy is required; not just suggested, but required.

Without the feminine energetic influence, things could get wildly out of control for not just individuals, but on a larger scale.  Here, we call on the energy of Ceres.   The goddess Ceres is about balance and control.  Ceres will be in the sign of Taurus for the month; a feminine Planet in a feminine sign.   This counterbalance to the decisive Mars/Saturn energy teaches us to ensure that what we want to provide long term, is also being satisfied in the present.   Ceres in Taurus is also about confirming our inner balance, values, and how we must remain true to our calling, even in the midst of challenges and turmoil.    This helps us better align with grounding energy.

This transit will also be making a square with Jupiter. This square is to initiate a sense of renewal that needs to begin within all of us.   The current environment is not in the most positive light as there are a lot of new challenges being presented on a daily basis.  It is through the energies of these four planets that we are being called to stand and be part of the solution, not the problem.   When something is renewed, it has a great sense of joy.     Jupiter is helping to open doors during this time. It is not success when you open the same door twice and receive the same result. That is Karma. and this is a time to release Karma and create a new perspective and sense of self.   Joy must be felt, experienced and shared as this is what brings us together.

Remember, renewal by definition means to restart something that has been interrupted, replace something that needs a new perspective, and finding harmony within what is available; not to seek an alternative solution or replace values and goals. It is finding a waterfall of harmony that cleanses and ignites a new sense of passion.