Mercury does his normal retrograde generally three times a year. In 2020 he is concentrated in the element of water representing emotion and soul purpose.   Many have been feeling as though they are lost without direction.   An aspect of the element of water, feeling alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean can be quite common during this time.

From June 18th to July 11th Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer.   Cancer is known for its ability to heal, comfort and protect.   When aspects of Cancer are strong, there are times individuals will focus on healing and helping others, thus neglecting self.   It is important to understand where we begin and where we end; Meaning that we own our emotions and not absorb others.   This will allow you to align and understand your true purpose, release emotional attachments, and better understand yourself.   Through Mercury we understand our thoughts. When it is retrograde it helps us to reposition our thoughts or change perspective.

Many have been struggling with what to do in these challenging times.   Focusing on ourselves and coming back to center allows for more personal growth.   We are all on a journey of understanding, growth, and enlightenment.   Many they think enlightenment is just gaining knowledge; however, it is a complete understanding of mind, body, and emotion.

To evaluate your position on your spiritual and emotional growth ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I released all unnecessary emotional attachments? (or) Do I keep unhealthy emotional relationships?
    • Is an unhealthy relationship healthy for either party?
    • Will holding onto emotions that keep us in the past allow us to see the future?
    • Do I try to escape from reality with distractions?
    • Do I find solace in myself and sustain the feeling?
  • Do I feel comfortable with myself when I am alone? (or) Do I need others to make me feel comfortable?
    • Do I spend time worrying about others?
    • Do I ignore my own problems?
    • Do I know who I am?
    • Do I define myself by others?
  • Have I started my journey and “feel” the path? (or) Do I trap myself in one moment in time?
    • Do I ignore the path because there might be emotional pain?
    • Do I feel comfortable and content in my home?
    • Am I allowing myself to feel comfortable?
    • Do I hide behind false emotions?

If you can answer these questions honestly and from a place of compassion, it is easy to see where you reside on the journey.   The answers should be evident.  If you were unable to work through a lot of the points, it means that it just requires more time and self-understanding.

Using what we have learned above, now is the time to align yourself for your greater purpose.   We are in the middle of a Venus Retrograde which is all about the Value you have within yourself.  The Deeper Value, Venus Retrograde   The Mercury Retrograde starts at the end of the Venus Retrograde.   The overlap between the two is a symbolic approach to helping you align with your soul purpose.   Now more than ever it is time for you to understand as past of the “one” that we all must work together to understand what we are here to do and how to do it.

As emotional beings, it is important to find balance within.     We are often required to make too many choices that are head based and forget that our bodies are more than half water.  The element Water in astrology represents emotion, the soul, and the ability to find solace within the environment.   When we compare this to our planet Earth, we see that the link to our home also lies within our bodies.    We are inexorably linked to the Earth through movements and changes; empathy is worldwide and can never be segregated.   It is when we segregate our emotions, that we miss out on the complete world that exists and our soul’s purpose.

When you can honestly answer the questions above with confidence, you will begin to see more than what is in your physical environment and grow as a sunflower grows toward the sun.   Your soul will blossom in a way that lets you experience all that there is to be offered.