Jupiter, the planet of expansion, began his journey into Capricorn on December 3, 2019.   This was a starting point for all changes to come.    When looking at the planetary movement, one needs to evaluate the cycles in which things occurred.

Jupiter was last in Capricorn in 2008 when there was a housing crisis; an ability for people understand what they value and the importance of having integrity.    The crisis was caused by individuals who took advantage of Jupiter’s expanding nature and coupled it with ambition (the bad form) to achieve their own success and wealth from the combination.  This could have been a time for individuals to work together in order to create a good foundation for growth in the country.   This information could also have been used in an alternative manner to create an economic divide.   This continues to be exacerbated each time we have a Jupiter in Capricorn; a crises arises and individuals who lack integrity capitalize on the misfortune of others.   Furthermore, Jupiter represents human cultures and is being hindered by the fear factor of Capricorn, thus adding to the confusion of what is currently taking place in the nation.

Many people feel hopeless when they watch the news and feel trapped at home.   It is not a time to feel hopeless; it is ACTUALLY a time of strength and perseverance.    Jupiter in Capricorn manifests energies to help one achieve greatness from understanding who they are and what they are about; short answer, self-development/self-awareness.

Astrology is the art of understanding patterns by putting together many pieces.   It is helpful for individuals who are on a path of self-development to achieve something greater.   It is good to watch these patterns and begin to create a story.      We see that the current timeline is one of confusion and over saturation of information which leads individuals down rabbit holes.   The best part is we all intrinsically know the answers and the direction we must follow for ourselves.  Jupiter, the planet of expansive and deep knowledge, allows us to work on our awareness so we can understand more than what is being presented or misrepresented.

Jupiter went retrograde on 14 May 2020 and will remain retrograde until 12 Sep 2020.   This retrograde is like a portal opening to a new universe allowing for those individuals who feel:

  • they have lost their path
  • confused and misdirected
  • they are expanding while the outside is consolidating
  • imprisoned

This is just a push in a different direction.  It is time to understand the greatness that lies within all of us and be ready to stand up for what we believe.    This is not a time of acquiescence; it is a time to stand one’s ground.      The challenge will be to work with others and find areas of commonality in order for growth to occur.   Capricorn is a great sign for building, but Capricorn is in the Transpersonal part of the chart, meaning it is bigger than you and me.  So therefore, all must be willing to stand for their values and couple that with others who share the same level of integrity and compassion.

Ways to check in with yourself to see how you are doing on your current path:

  • How are your beliefs in alignment with your actions?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled?  Do you feel there is more for you?
  • What are the external resources in your life?
    • What are the securities?
    • How are you creating a stable environment?
    • Does your ideology inhibit growth?
  • Are you allowing yourself to release fear and embrace abundance?
  • Do you understand we are all one?
  • Do you listen to the Soul or does the Ego take over?
  • What investments are you making for yourself spiritually, not financially?
  • Do you take time to quiet the mind and listen for the true answers?

Using the questions above can allow for an easy transition from

Beliefs Transformation Accepting
Lessons Abundance Expansion
Fulfillment Soul & Ego Alignment

 It will be through self-acceptance and understanding that individuals will be able to persevere through all the chaos in the upcoming years.   This is just the foundation for those who are working to achieve more, to really work at it and understand this is not just a 3D world, but an expansive universe full of possibilities that we can open ourselves up to… and at the end of the day, we build and resolve our own Karma.  Self-development and actualization isn’t something that is “magically” fixed without work.   Remember that all lessons serve a purpose.  Own them, understand them and act with divine law in your mind.   Your achievements will speak for themselves.  You hold the power.

Jupiter leaves Capricorn 19 Dec 2020, ushering us into a new wave of developments with Aquarius, the sign of unpredictable change!