Jupiter retrograde in Virgo is offering a higher state of self-purification; while retrograde it is going to offer three key concepts.   The first concept is the ability to understand one’s higher meaning. The second is the ability to navigate and perceive what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals for this existence. Third is the ability to handle higher energies that are being presented to move oneself to a new state of being.

Jupiter went retrograde on January 8th 2016 and will remain retrograde until May 8th.   Jupiter retrograde allows for all to learn and experience the meaning of higher self. It is a time of greater intensity that can cause individuals to engage in activities that do not lead them to the correct path.   Remember, in mundane astrology Jupiter represents opportunities and luck. The vision that is set forth from these ideas can allow for growth in any direction. It then becomes the responsibility of those using the Jupiterian energies to learn how to manage them and bring them into the existence that which is desired. This aligns with the first concept to understand one’s higher meaning.

During this time there will be key universal aspects that will be made and can help make changes; this occurs approximately February 25th to June 22nd. Jupiter will be square Saturn with an intensity point on the exact square from March 19th through the 26th, and again on May 23rd to the 31st.

What does this mean? It will be a time of understanding the boundaries of self, understanding what aspects are self-inhibiting and restricting the natural growth that is to occur.   We are dealing with Saturn in Sagittarius, so it is restricting (or those who are on their path “restructuring”) our ideas and ideals in life. How does this play with the change in consciousness and changing your vibrational level? Think of a castle. The draw bridge is either in proper working order where people can come and go easily, or the draw bridge is old and dilapidated with limited working capabilities.   If the draw bridge is dilapidated, it is most likely due to neglect and maintenance. This is symbolic in the mental boundaries we create for ourselves spiritually, karmically and mundane.

This is where the Jupiter square comes in; new opportunities now exist and are at a point that requires change. Using this energy, for better or worse, is up to the individual.   It is a time to purify the ideas that were once placed into our heads and allow for an expanded field of vision.   This can be an opportunity for those who are just waking to experience and understand all there is to be felt, known and experienced.   The challenge comes in where one has to release a lot of pre-programmed concepts and ideas.   Since Jupiter expands and brings all to the plate, it can be for good or bad. So be aware of choices and long term decisions that are being made.

This square helps hit the second key point; the ability to navigate and perceive what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals for this existence.   This is to test our boundaries.

The final point combines the first two concepts in which one is able to handle higher energies that are being presented, and create a new state of being. It is imperative to use this time to create a new understanding of self in order for healing to occur, culminating into a merging of a new form of self.   This is not a time to over-scrutinize self, and be over self-reflective in the negative.